Tips for realigning and leveling gutters

The functioning of a gutter is dependent on a number of factors but the most important is pitching. A gutter that is correctly pitched allows rain water to flow without causing damage to the roof and foundation of the house. There are three scenarios as far as gutter pitching is concerned: too steep, too shallow and too level.

If it is too steep, then you run the risk of overloading the downspout and even flooding. A shallow pitching lead to collection of debris and possible stagnation of rain water. A level pitching is not conducive as well since there will be drainage taking place. The slope should be gradual so as to allow drainage in a manner that won’t overwhelm the downspout.

Water flow

If you suspect that your gutter has a water flow problem or if you have recently installed a gutter and want to check if the water is flowing correctly, then you can do a simple test using a bucket full of water. Just pour the water on the highest point of the gutter and watch closely to see if the water flow slows down at some point. If the flow is even, then you have nothing to worry about but if there is some disruption at some point then you can pour more water so that you can pin point the area with the problem.

You can opt to fix the problem on your own or call an expert. Besides, if you are always scared of height, don’t attempt to perform the test. Instead, call a gutter professional and get the issue fixed before the onset of rains.


In case of debris it can be easily handled by cleaning and removal of the debris but if there is an alignment problem you will have to realign the gutter. Most of the stuff that mess your gutters up include leaves from the nearby trees and other solid items that might find their way into your gutters. Besides, if there are heavy branches that can dislocate and make your gutter system weak, you may consider cutting them.

Gutter realignment

In most cases you can easily realign by forcing it back to its original position. Some cases call for new brackets while other gutters my need to be repaired or completely repaired. If you aren’t an expert in gutter installation, simply can an expert to carry out the task.

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